Personal Safety (Fashion & Accessory)

REFLOMAX GLODIANTM products for personal safety are designed for the wearer who works in areas where safety is highly required such as busy traffic environment or construction work zone.

Main Applications
• Safety jacket
• Rain wear
• Construction workers jacket
• Safety shoes
• Fashion
• Reflective accessory

REFLOMAX provides wide ranges of reflective tapes for workers who work in various situation such as roadway construction, crossing guards, railway work, fire site etc.

REFLOMAX’s unique Mosaic pattern is designed for great performance not only at front angle but also at wide angle and it Provides stable reflective performance in orientation angle.

Stripe pattern and Plain pattern of microprismatic tapes are also available for various market demands and special standard required in some countries, as well as glass bead reflective tapes. You will be fully satisfied with wide ranges of reflective tapes with high quality that REFLOMAX is suggesting.

Product List

Glodian™ TRG-500 / EFT-500 / PGT-500 / PFT-500
Glodian™ PGT-FB / PFT-FB
Glodian™ AGT / RGT
Glodian™ AGT-FB / ECO-PF
Glodian™ KR-500 / KR-500S / KR-500IW / KR-500FR KR-500FR-IW / KR-500F / KR-500FD / KR-500D
Glodian™ AGR-PF
Glodian™ AGR-Sparkle / AGR-Shine / AGR-Radiant
Glodian™ Enfren
Glodian™ Enfren-Sparkle / Enfren-Shine / Enfren-Radiant
Glodian™ XGR
Glodian™ MR-511B
Glodian™ RGR
Glodian™ RGR-W

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