Glodian™ ECE-70-01 / AIS-089

Rear Marking Tape for Truck & Trailer

Protecting those stopping on the road irrespective of the speed limit, puts drivers at an increased risk of becoming roadway casualties, especially in darkness and in poorly-lit areas.
Traffic Signs Manual recommends all vehicles stopping on roads for works purposes or inspections to have high visibikity rear chevron markings.
Glodian™ ECE-70-01 / AIS-089


  • ECE-70/70-01, AIS-089 certified
  • Easy to handle and apply
  • Thin and flexible
  • Highly visible during day-time
  • Custom logo available
  • 7 years of field performance
  • Chemical resistance



Glodian™ VC-E7H/I8H




Silk screen printing


1,230mm x 45.7m, 48.43in x 50yds


40 rolls per pallet


Reflomax Glodian™ ECE-70 certified Vehicle Rear Marking Film VC-E7 highly consists of prismatic lenses formed sealed in a synthetic film and backed with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive with a protective liner. The ECE 70 (Economic Commission for Europe) is a specification of requirements which regulates the rear marking for vehicles of cross-border heavy vehicle traffic Check our ECE 70 certified VC-E7 micro prismatic reflective rear marking films.

Glodian™ VC-E7H/I8H
marking plate
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